Boutons de manchette, Emoticône 1, cuir et argent

Emoji 1

The six shades of leather that wrap the mother of pearl buttons like a second skin echo the new emoticon colours. Those small yet expressive drawings supposed to represent an emotion and designed by Apple to represent human diversity… A physiologically correct variation or a sign of the times we live in? Worth meditating upon, cocooned in the soft leather of a sofa. 

TTC210,00 €HT175,00 €
Délais de livraison: 
10 days - Fedex (Standard shipment : France : 10€ / UE : 15€ / hors UE : 25€)
nacre and plunged lambskin
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm
Canapé (vert)

During the opening sequence of each episode of the Simpson’s, the family’s brown sofa reveals the creative comic potential of this ingenious series. Le canapé vert (1944) is an oil painting by Belgian Surrealist Paul Delvaux, who presents his famous green seat surrounded by female nudes before an Acropolian landscape. Samuel Gassmann’s sofa is also green, conducive to contemplation, siestas and new horizons. Far from being an interchangeable element of the décor, the sofa is a centrepiece and perhaps even a creative stimulant. 


Daywear worn in the morning when receiving guests at home.