Boutons de manchette, Emoticônes 5, cuir et argent

Emoji 5

The six shades of leather that wrap the mother of pearl buttons like a second skin echo the new emoticon colours. Those small yet expressive drawings supposed to represent an emotion and designed by Apple to represent human diversity… A physiologically correct variation or a sign of the times we live in? Worth meditating upon, cocooned in the soft leather of a sofa. 

TTC210,00 €HT175,00 €
Délais de livraison: 
10 jours - Fedex (Envoi standard : France : 10€ / UE : 15€ / hors UE : 25€)
nacre & plunged lambskin cabochons
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

amusement boutons de manchetteImagine the workshop: wheels turning, lather frothing, the hammer sounding, glue simmering, the friction of sandpaper… Think of it as an amusement park. Take pleasure in each day, lest strictness and precision render creation sterile. Whistle as you work. 


Meaning a full button. Alongside the Archétype model, the cabochon is the other founding element around which all of the collections are developed.