Boutons de manchette Ecran total - indice 30, bronze et argent

Sunblock - SPF 30

In this series, sun meets skin. From bronze to bronzed, from silver to the moon, Samuel Gassmann uses his two materials of choice, those from which his links are traditionally made, as a tracer for exposure to sunlight. Silver for day wear is decorated with a bronze pastille, hinting of skin toasted during the hottest hours of the day, while bronze for evening wear embraces silver as the natural light of day dims. Protection or not, from sunblock to Monoi oil, ultraviolet leaves its mark on the wrist.


TTC210,00 €HT175,00 €
Délais de livraison: 
10 days - Fedex (Standard shipment: France : 10€ / UE : 15€ / hors UE : 25€)
bronze and silver sterling faces
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

The tripe-seller, the crêpe-maker, the beautician, the roofer, the marble mason, the embalmer, pet groomer and the taxidermist are all considered artisans. The jeweller is one too. Within “France’s largest trade” it is often difficult to obtain visibility. 


In French, the verb émeriser describes the process of sanding down before polishing. This particular expression clearly warms hearts in the workshop. “The beauty of technical terms!” one might hear when passing through the studio, or even “Sorry I can’t. I’ve got my hands full, I’m emerising.”