The evening archetype

Archetype is a nod to the origins of the sew-on button, the kind used to button shirtfronts together. This button is the basis for all Gassmann's creations. The men's models are 11mm in diameter with four holes.

It's upper surface is denoted by either an engraving or a reasonably thick rim which serves to designate the ultimate use of the button.



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grey mother-of-pearl archetypes
bronze links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

After using iron-mail (a metal staple that held two parts of a garment together) or never-ending stitches that were sewn and then unpicked each time an item of clothing was worn, rows of button finally appeared in the 14th century closing the arm of a shirt from elbow to cuff. Little by little, the button became an element of distinction (for women of the Court and on Navy and Army uniforms) before becoming a truly elaborate fashion object. The first mother-of-pearl buttons flourish in the 19th century appearing on the front section of Romantic shirts. 

Fonte (à cire perdue)

Lost wax casting is a process used to make the links of the cufflinks. They are taken in brut form from the cast in bronze and silver before being worked on.