Cravate d'apparat - Samuel Gassmann
Cravate d'apparat - Samuel Gassmann

Ceremony tie

A single colour, a single fabric and yet seldom has a tie been so extravagant. Each one requires 1.40m of silk and 9 folds. In today’s world, only that rare specimen, the Italian tie with its 7 folds, represents the ultimate, the must-have. Samuel Gassmann takes it up two notches and pushes the style even further out there: the blade and tail of the tie, which can sometimes reveal the interlining, are self-tipped so nothing is revealed. Luxury is all in the details, and the discretion.

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Samuel Gassmann X Maison Boivin
nine-folds tie
100% silk, color navy blue
label tag in recycled sterling silver
handmade painting
made in France
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