boutons de manchette asymétriques en nacre grise et liens en bronze
Boutons de manchette asymétriques en nacre grise et liens en bronze

Evening asymmetrical

First and foremost, it is a difference in size that subtly alters perception, appearance, wear, that commands attention. On one wrist, an 18 mm cabochon, on the other the traditional 11 mm version.

This series is also inspired by the Landscape concept, in which disconnect and difference stand out on all sides, as naturally and harmoniously as can be.

Asymmetry as a way of relating to the world.


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grey mother-of-pearl archetypes
bronze links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm on one side et 18mm on the other side

Refers to moments in high-society life, as well as the great moments of one’s personal life. It constitutes one of the categories in Samuel Gassmann’s collections alongside négligé, daywear, eveningwear and sport cufflinks. 


Shells are the buttons’ accomplices, their best friends. The mother-of-pearl that lines the inside of the shells is the button maker’s material of choice. The seashell that most commonly produces mother-of-pearl is the pearl oyster that makes the immaculate white nacre, used for the daywear buttons, and grey nacre for the eveningwear buttons. Equally the burgau produces a grey nacre, the troca a sandy beige hue and the clam shell (often referred to in vernacular French as la clovisse) also bears mother-of-pearl.