Boutons de manchette ligne d'apparat (soir) en nacre grise et bronze

Pomp and circumstances shape (Evening)

Men's buttons have four holes which allow them to be fixed firmly to a shirt. In tailoring, menswear buttons generally have a diameter of 11mm. It's upper surface is denoted by a thin engravure of a rim.



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grey mother-of-pearl archetypes
bronze links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

Another name for mother-of-pearl.

Short science lesson: nacre is an organic-inorganic composite material. Hard, translucid and shiny, iridescent and shimmering, nacre is made of fine transparent layers of aragonite secreted via the external epithelium of the mollusc shell.

Zeus (nom de)

Approximately translated as “Gordon Bennett” or “Great Scott”, nom de Zeus is perhaps the only interjection to be heard in the workshop following a hapless gesture, a handling error, a mistaken dosage, a finger that got in the way or a button that escaped the creator’s vigilant eye.