Boutons de manchette ligne de sport (soir) en nacre grise et bronze
Boutons de manchette ligne de sport (soir) en nacre grise et bronze

The sport shape (evening)

Men’s buttons have four holes which allow them to be fixed firmly to a shirt. In tailoring, menswear buttons generally have a diameter of 11mm. It’s upper surface is denoted by a thick and strong rim.



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7 days - Fedex
grey mother-of-pearl buttons
bronze links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm
Canapé (vert)

During the opening sequence of each episode of the Simpson’s, the family’s brown sofa reveals the creative comic potential of this ingenious series. Le canapé vert (1944) is an oil painting by Belgian Surrealist Paul Delvaux, who presents his famous green seat surrounded by female nudes before an Acropolian landscape. Samuel Gassmann’s sofa is also green, conducive to contemplation, siestas and new horizons. Far from being an interchangeable element of the décor, the sofa is a centrepiece and perhaps even a creative stimulant. 


A Parisian public park where Verlaine, astride his pedestal, watches over people. The Orangerie with its date palms and Seville orange trees offers shade. The Jardin de Luxembourg can be likened to a large green open-air sofa.