boutons de manchette pour homme gravés de boutons en ébène, de 11 millimètres de diamètre, facile à porter sur des chemises sombres

The house archetype

A precious wood that prefers to flourish indoors, skillfully worked and sculpted to adorn boxes, chess boards or delicate furniture accessories.

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poked cabochons in ebony
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

Relating to the pierced button. For men, this 11mm diameter button is recognisable by its four holes which are solidly attached to the shirt. The topside of the button features an engraving or a reasonably thick rim. For women, the equation is more delicate: 2 holes and a diameter of 10mm.


Used to decorate the daywear cufflinks, the speculative nature of silver means that it doesn‘t retain the same symbolic force as bronze.