Ivory archetype

In 1989, the Washington Convention on International Trade of Endangered Species prohibited ivory trading in response to the record drop in elephant populations from 2 million to only 286,000 in only 30 years.

Reusing original materials such as antique ivory is an act of communicating the importance of current day conservation and preservation issues.


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15 days - Fedex
antique ivory cabochons
bronze links
handmade in Paris in twenty five pairs

Relating to the pierced button. For men, this 11mm diameter button is recognisable by its four holes which are solidly attached to the shirt. The topside of the button features an engraving or a reasonably thick rim. For women, the equation is more delicate: 2 holes and a diameter of 10mm.

Boutons de manchette

A more recent invention than the button (dated around 1700), the cufflink became popular in the 19th century. The first cufflinks were made with rigid links (as opposed to chain or toggle links) and Samuel Gassmann chose this ridge link as the founding characteristic of his brand, re-establishing the original process of attaching shirtsleeves.