French jet cufflinks with vermeil links

French Jet 1

Jet (from the Latin gagates, stone of Gages) is an organic mineral formed when extreme oceanic pressure is applied to decaying wood. 

Although Jet is the most durable of all charcoals, it still remains relatively fragile. After the death of King Alfred in Victorian England, Jet became so sought after that it was commonly replaced by a black glass substitute named French Jet which was notably worn by Queen Victoria as part of her mourning dress. 

A material used in mourning dress up until the 1930’s, faceted Jet quickly became a symbol of glamour due to its lustre and sparkle.

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French jet cabochons
vermeil links (5 microns)
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

Towards those who have taught us: fathers, peers, artisans and friends. 


Despite being subjected to distortion, elation or glorification, individual stories collectively form history. Old objects are the guardians of stories past. Tracking down their narrative is a pleasure which leads to the act of creation. 

Jais français

French jet is a fossilised charcoal, a glistening black substance whose hardness has no comparison. Fake jet, or French jet as it’s also called, is a fraudulent fabrication of the original whose usage flourished throughout history. Made from dark red-coloured glass, French jet beguiled the jewellery trade.