Cufflinks, circle color asymmetrical, dark blue - nacre, epoxy resin & silver links

Circle colour(s) asymmetrical - Dark blue

Usually colour fades with time... but not here.

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7 days - Fedex (Economy service : France : 10€ / EU : 15€ / outside EU : 25€)
mother-of-pearl cabchons & epoxy resin
recycled silver sterling links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 18mm & 11mm

Time remains attached to an object once it is created. Inalienable from eternity, from the symbolic, from transmission, carry this light baggage of timelessness with you at all times. Even better, wear it on your sleeve. 

Lois somptuaires

A dress code of yester year, sumptuary laws symbolically marked the principles of the wardrobe. Certain outfits were reserved for specific social groups: regulations controlled the length of trains and the quantity of ribbons, embroidery and braids subjecting the newly moneyed bourgeoisie to the strictest moderation and preserving the noble classes superiority. 


Another name for mother-of-pearl.

Short science lesson: nacre is an organic-inorganic composite material. Hard, translucid and shiny, iridescent and shimmering, nacre is made of fine transparent layers of aragonite secreted via the external epithelium of the mollusc shell.