cufflinks, circle color asymmetrical, bordeaux - nacre, epoxy resin & silver links

Circle colour(s) asymmetrical - Bordeaux

Usually colour fades with time... but not here.

TTC350,00 €HT291,67 €
Délais de livraison: 
7 days - Fedex (Economy service : France : 10€ / EU : 15€ / outside EU : 25€)
mother-of-pearl & epoxy resin
recycled silver sterling links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 18mm & 11mm

Meaning a full button. Alongside the Archétype model, the cabochon is the other founding element around which all of the collections are developed. 


Shells are the buttons’ accomplices, their best friends. The mother-of-pearl that lines the inside of the shells is the button maker’s material of choice. The seashell that most commonly produces mother-of-pearl is the pearl oyster that makes the immaculate white nacre, used for the daywear buttons, and grey nacre for the eveningwear buttons. Equally the burgau produces a grey nacre, the troca a sandy beige hue and the clam shell (often referred to in vernacular French as la clovisse) also bears mother-of-pearl.


As well as sweets, these are the other treats found in the workshop. Their presence, however, presents a sizable problem: they can stain a shirt rendering it unwearable, which compromises wearing cufflinks.