Cufflinks, circle color asymmetrical, orange - nacre, epoxy resin & silver links

Circle colour(s) asymmetrical - Orange

Usually colour fades with time... but not here.

TTC350,00 €HT291,67 €
Délais de livraison: 
7 days - Fedex (Economy service : France : 10€ / EU : 15€ / outside EU : 25€)
mother-of-pearl & epoxy resin
recycled silver sterling links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 18mm & 11mm

Sugar could be described as the fuel of the Gassmann industry. There are always packets of liquorice, fruit gums and caramels tucked behind the punching–machine or leaning against the resin. Often these delicacies are no larger than the cufflinks themselves and are in general just as colourful. Luckily, up until the present day, nobody has suffered from a bout of severe indigestion, but confectionary is a true addiction in the workshop. Unsurprisingly, the old fashioned sweet shop that opened downstairs hasn’t helped the situation. 

Borujerdi (Roxane)

roxane borujerdi boutons de manchetteArtist and friend, Roxane designed the hallmark that over the space of one millimetre presents the cufflinks creator. It uses creativity to turn a formal brandmark into an expression of intimacy. What would otherwise be simply another required stage of production becomes an expression of soul, a unique sharpness. These are ways of living life in general.


You need it. To have it, eat 125g of pasta at lunch every day.