Boutons de manchette asymétrique jaune - nacre teintée et liens en argent 925

Colour(s) asymmetrical - Yellow 2

Porous and sensitive to light, mother-of-pearl may be tinted, but rediscovers its natural color with the passing of time.

TTC270,00 €HT225,00 €
Délais de livraison: 
7 days - Fedex (Economy service : France : 10€ / EU : 15€ / outside EU : 25€)
tinted shell cabochons
recycled sterling silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 18mm & 11mm

Meaning a full button. Alongside the Archétype model, the cabochon is the other founding element around which all of the collections are developed. 


A hallmark is the artisan’s signature that authenticates the quality of the materials used to make an object (here, 925 sterling silver) and guarantees their origin. Hallmarking is obligatory legal procedure used by customs and the state.

The creation of a hallmark requires a solid blow, applied using a hammer and a deep breath, a procedure in total juxtaposition with its creation, which is extremely cautious. The hallmark is the birth certificate of the object, its deliverance.