rectangle cufflinks - sterling silver


A tribute to geometric shapes with zero waste.

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sterling silver
cufflinks, handmade in Paris

amusement boutons de manchetteImagine the workshop: wheels turning, lather frothing, the hammer sounding, glue simmering, the friction of sandpaper… Think of it as an amusement park. Take pleasure in each day, lest strictness and precision render creation sterile. Whistle as you work. 


Art is an attachment- a personal story that begins with his father who was a leading figure in photography, his artist mother, History of Art studies at the Sorbonne, directing art documentaries for the Metropolis series (Arte Channel) and the numerous exhibitions he curated at the turn of the millennium.

Samuel Gassmann has crafted his vision and approach to the world through art. The creation of form and origins are central questions in the development of his brand.