Cufflinks, Bronze fabric

Bronze fabric

Arched surfaces of eleven millimeters, representing a small grid symbolizing the frame of a fabric.

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cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm
Age de Bronze

A major historical period in the history of humankind in which man became conscious of the distinctive signs he was able to produce. This era that heralded the birth of accessories, arms of war first appeared and warriors first adorned themselves with regalia and bronze finery. This material, which avoids the precocity of gold or silver, is used to form the links of Samuel Gassmann’s ceremonial and eveningwear cufflinks and in doing so salutes the advent of the masculine ornaments in their earliest form. 

Fonte (à cire perdue)

Lost wax casting is a process used to make the links of the cufflinks. They are taken in brut form from the cast in bronze and silver before being worked on.