Boutons de manchette, Rustique de soir
Boutons de manchette, Rustique de soir en nacre grise et liens en bronze

Evening rustic

Mother of pearl, the delicate inner coating of mollusc shells, is the raw material from which Samuel Gassmann makes his cufflinks. Reversing the habitual order of stonesetting, the rustic button reveals first the tougher, darker protective element, leaving the finest part inside. 

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7 days - Fedex
grey mother-of-pearl cabochons
bronze links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

“My great grandmother, Selma Gassmann, was the first female radiologist in Germany. When my father talked about her, he would tell me stories of chemical cuisine, family meals, of research and endless questioning. He went on to create the largest professional photographic laboratory in Europe, Pictorial Service, in 1951. My childhood memories by his side consist of long discussions concerning the right paper for the right photo, the right tint for the perfect outcome, the right timing for the right contrast… Each photo was the beginning of new research. Not a day goes by when I don’t look for a new perspective on my work, new materials to use or even new tools to invent.” Samuel Gassmann