bouton de manchette pour homme avec des cabochons en ébène et liens en argent, bois utilisé uniquement comme bois d'intérieur, se porte sur des chemises sombres

The house cabochon

A precious wood that prefers to flourish indoors, skillfully worked and sculpted to adorn boxes, chess boards or delicate furniture accessories.

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ebony cabochons
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris

Used to decorate the daywear cufflinks, the speculative nature of silver means that it doesn‘t retain the same symbolic force as bronze. 


Meaning a full button. Alongside the Archétype model, the cabochon is the other founding element around which all of the collections are developed. 

Fonte (à cire perdue)

Lost wax casting is a process used to make the links of the cufflinks. They are taken in brut form from the cast in bronze and silver before being worked on.