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Golden ratio

In music, the golden ratio is searched in both harmony and rhythm.

(a +b) / a = a/b

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10 days - Fedex
bone cabochons & gold leaf
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

Daywear worn in the morning when receiving guests at home. 


First start by punching and then move on to sanding. The day is organised around precise exercises, priorities, assembly stages and drying times… Amongst these rituals, one mustn’t forget high tea (le goûter), the aperitif, and the dominical chicken. Ritual allows each moment to be celebrated and for pleasure to be taken in the instant. Respect the elegance of rituals: a rare gift. 


Our need to be eternally accessible is the expression of a desire to abolish time, for it to melt into a limp dimension. Samuel Gassmann’s cufflinks are at war against this phenomenon: they fight against disintegration provoked by the digital era. Négligé, day, evening, sport and ceremonial wear: these five moments are defined through the past, through rituals and rhythms, the style of a day…. Each specific moment appropriates it’s own mode of dress and inspires each creation initialled ‘SG’. 

Us (et coutumes)

Rehabilitate former traditions and practices