Boutons de manchette Le Temps


Casual cabochons to wear indoors for an immobile voyage right at your doorstep.Each piece is marked with a figure indicating the month or day, to serve as a kind of user-friendly diary and add a personal touch.« Time » possesses another feature: it is made of Indian cow bone (India, with its highly appreciated herds of cattle, is the prime exporter of beef in the world).An animal bone around your wrist, on intimate terms with your own personal ties, your first home, and your original corporal foundations. Home sweet home. 
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Délais de livraison: 
7 days - Fedex
bone cabochons from India
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris

A key word in Samuel Gassmann’s world.

Each series of cufflinks has its reason to exist, its own character, its own identity and history. In a word, each collection has its own face. 


Our need to be eternally accessible is the expression of a desire to abolish time, for it to melt into a limp dimension. Samuel Gassmann’s cufflinks are at war against this phenomenon: they fight against disintegration provoked by the digital era. Négligé, day, evening, sport and ceremonial wear: these five moments are defined through the past, through rituals and rhythms, the style of a day…. Each specific moment appropriates it’s own mode of dress and inspires each creation initialled ‘SG’.