Sport fabric, silver

The colours of a nation's flag, a team's symbols are a set of symbols of belonging and rituals ripe for the diverting.

A porcelain cabochon imitates the weave of a fabric before it is plated gold, silver or bronze. A discreet medal to be worn at each wrist.


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7 days - Fedex
silver-plated porcelain cabochons
silver links
cufflinks, handmade in Paris
diameter 11mm

You need it. To have it, eat 125g of pasta at lunch every day. 

Lois somptuaires

A dress code of yester year, sumptuary laws symbolically marked the principles of the wardrobe. Certain outfits were reserved for specific social groups: regulations controlled the length of trains and the quantity of ribbons, embroidery and braids subjecting the newly moneyed bourgeoisie to the strictest moderation and preserving the noble classes superiority.