At Le Bon Marché - Customization of Samuel Gassmann nine-folds ties - le 3rd, 4th, 17th & 18th of December from 2pm to 7pm

Cravates Samuel Gassmann au Bon Marché
Samuel Gassmann will be at Le Bon Marché to customize his 9-folds ties with silk painting for two weekends in December. A lovely present to make happy gentlemen at Christmas! The "Portrait of the day alphabet" , Colour(s) or Ludo game models of cufflinks will also be available at men's department.

Exposition Le Pari(s) des Talents à la Mairie de Paris - du 23 novembre 2016 au 4 janvier 2017

Le Paris des talents - exposition boutons de manchette

A l'occasion des 10 ans des Ateliers de Paris sont réunis une sélection d'artistes, de designers et d'artisans.

Nous présentons le "jeu de petits chevaux", modèle de boutons de manchette de la collection sur le jeu.

Samuel Gassmann X la Convention internationale de la Flûte 2016 – du 20 au 23 octobre 2016

Boutons de manchette Samuel Gassmann, prix de la convention Internationale de la Flûte traversière

Samuel Gassmann Paris est l’un des partenaires de la 5ème édition de la Convention Internationale de la Flûte Traversière qui a lieu au conservatoire de Maurice-Ravel à Levallois-Perret.

A cette occasion, Samuel Gassmann remet en guise prix une paire de bouton de manchette qu’il a réalisé au Président d'honneur de la Convention, Monsieur Maxence Larrieu.

Samuel Gassmann X Private Choice - du 17 au 23 octobre 2016

Boutons de manchette et cravates Samuel Gassmann à Private Choice
“PRIVATE CHOICE”, Under the direction of Nadia Candet, an imagined and ephemeral contemporary collection of art and design unfolds its 4rd edition. The inspired fictional collection of art and design takes place in a Haussmannian apartment, located a stone’s throw away from Grand Palais. The environment of this exceptional space offers a unique experience for discovering and acquiring works of art and design. On sale a selection of cufflinks & 9-folds ties and also an exclusive model made especially for Private Choice.

Samuel Gassmann X Le Bon Marché - from the 5th of September to the 15th of October 2016

Métro parisien, boutons de manchette pour le Bon Marché
For the PARIS! exhibition organized by Le Bon Marché Rive Gauche, Samuel Gassmann sublimates the Parisian subway through this new model of cufflinks! The "Parisian Metro" is proposed as a graphic palette of 14 colors to use with or without change. Exclusive model realized for Le Bon Marché - 196 unique combinations of cufflinks' pair.

Samuel Gassmann X Maison Boivin - September 2016

nine-folds tie - Samuel Gassmann - silk painting
Samuel Gassmann continues to explore the world of men’s accessories, extending his interest from cufflinks to that other characteristically male attribute, the tie. A knotty problem? Not for him.

A collection of studs - June 2016

studs for tuxedo Samuel Gassmann
Samuel Gassmann loves challenges! And that's why he embarked on the design of a studs' collection. At first to answer a request and also to imagine this accessory in its most minimal version. The discreet detail for a perfect tuxedo.

(In)Discreet - march 2016

Rings Discreet and Indiscreet
Double is an 18 Carat rose gold wedding ring that opens out to reveal a hidden face that can be engraved and set with 12 or 24 diamonds. Samuel Gassmann presents two new creations: La Discrète and L’Indiscrète, whose very names intrigue. La Discrète owes its name to its extreme slimness. The band of the ring measures only 1.6mm (compared to 2mm for the classic Double model), a surface so narrow and delicate that it is technically impossible to inset a stone.

Games collection - Theme 2016

Le Jeu - Thème 2016  (boutons de manchette, cravates, studs)
For this new collection, Samuel Gassmann is going all-in on the fun potential of cufflinks and bringing together the worlds of fashion and games. It's a link that makes sense, as the two worlds have so much in common: the same desire to invent new forms and rites, create a fictional story, escape for while from the thrall of reality. Taking inspiration from the four fundamental elements of all games – chance and competition, dizziness and pretence – he imagines five "amusements" to add to your own personal game of cufflinks. Rien ne va plus. Seven new creations on the table.

Les Ateliers de Paris s'invitent aux Batignolles, automne 2015

Boutons de manchette Samuel Gassmann et les Ateliers de Paris

Les Ateliers de Paris occupent un rôle central dans le renouveau des métiers d'art, de la mode et du design franciliens. Ils accompagnent le développement des jeunes entreprises de création et abritent des incubateurs d'entreprises dédiées aux filières d'innovation dans les domaines liés au design, aussi divers que le textile, le mobilier ou les bijoux.