(In)Discreet - march 2016

Rings Discreet and Indiscreet
Double is an 18 Carat rose gold wedding ring that opens out to reveal a hidden face that can be engraved and set with 12 or 24 diamonds. Samuel Gassmann presents two new creations: La Discrète and L’Indiscrète, whose very names intrigue. La Discrète owes its name to its extreme slimness. The band of the ring measures only 1.6mm (compared to 2mm for the classic Double model), a surface so narrow and delicate that it is technically impossible to inset a stone.

Games collection - Theme 2016

Le Jeu - Thème 2016  (boutons de manchette, cravates, studs)
For this new collection, Samuel Gassmann is going all-in on the fun potential of cufflinks and bringing together the worlds of fashion and games. It's a link that makes sense, as the two worlds have so much in common: the same desire to invent new forms and rites, create a fictional story, escape for while from the thrall of reality. Taking inspiration from the four fundamental elements of all games – chance and competition, dizziness and pretence – he imagines five "amusements" to add to your own personal game of cufflinks. Rien ne va plus. Seven new creations on the table.

Les Ateliers de Paris s'invitent aux Batignolles, automne 2015

Boutons de manchette Samuel Gassmann et les Ateliers de Paris

Les Ateliers de Paris occupent un rôle central dans le renouveau des métiers d'art, de la mode et du design franciliens. Ils accompagnent le développement des jeunes entreprises de création et abritent des incubateurs d'entreprises dédiées aux filières d'innovation dans les domaines liés au design, aussi divers que le textile, le mobilier ou les bijoux.

Cocktail - Fashion Week Femme, mars 2015

showroom PLC

A l'occasion de la semaine de la mode Femme, Samuel Gassmann présentera son nouveau bijou, la bague Double au showroom Plc aux côtés de Le Yucca's, M's braque..

1, rue de Richelieu - Paris 1er

Double - exclusively sold in Colette store, Paris

Originally, it was a traditional piece of jewellery that first emerged during the Renaissance.

The ring, unearthed on one of the browsing expeditions he is so fond of, instantly piqued Samuel Gassmann's curiosity. No sooner encountered than adopted, the ring inspired him to write a new history for an object that would be dedicated, this time around, to the celebration of love. Driven, as always, by a passion to rediscover the forms and uses of long ago, measured anew by the yardstick of today's desires.

Private choice - from the 20th to the 26 of October 2014

An imaginary and ephemeral collection of contemporary art works and design inhabits for its second edition a new historical space. At this address, famous filmmaker Georges Méliès used to live.

A beautiful opportunity to acquire art and design pieces composing this universe. This adventure is made possible thanks to loan of art works from galleries and partners.This in-situ exhibition is happening when Paris lives for art : early Autumn 2014. Concept by Nadia Candet.

A text from the art critic Jonathan Chauveau.

Exhibition, Blue Material - September 2014

Les Ateliers de Paris invites you on September the 12th at 6:30pm to find out the exhibition Blue Material in the one Samuel Gassmann shows a special model
Realization of a landscape "Blue(s) Colour(s)" composed of 16 different blues. 
It will run until November 15, 2014. 
Ateliers de Paris - 30 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, Paris 12e 
Free entrance - Tuesday to Friday from 10am to 7pm and Saturday from 1am to 7pm

Le Valentin, Bruxelles - February 2014

This is the name of the sweater-style that over the years has become the signature model for many Isabelle Baines creations. Conceived and rendered unfinished, without any superfluous additions, Le Valentin serves as a basic template in an ongoing search for “the essential” that characterizes this designer’s work. Emblematic of the atelier, the model Valentin can be seen as a jumping-off point, lending itself for transformation to wherever desire and inspiration may lead.

Au bonheur des ogres, Paris - October 2013

- Sept pairs of cufflinks

- One pin's

- One tie clip

made with the costume team of "Au bonheur des ogres" by Nicolas Bary
for characters Sinclair (William of Tonguédec) and Miss Hamilton (Marie-Christine Adam)