Bracelet rond d'apparat - vermeil et 2 diamants taille rose anciens

Ceremony bracelet - Circle

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XS - wrist of 13,5 cm to 15 cm
S - wrist of 15 cm to 16,5 cm
M - wrist of 16,5 cm to 17,5 cm
L - wrist of 17,5 cm to 19 cm
XL - wrist of 19 cm to 21 cm


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vermeil (5 microns)
2 antique rose-cut diamonds
bracelet, handmade in Paris

A Parisian public park where Verlaine, astride his pedestal, watches over people. The Orangerie with its date palms and Seville orange trees offers shade. The Jardin de Luxembourg can be likened to a large green open-air sofa. 

Slow wear

Taking one’s time to dress. Embedding oneself in a temporality. Wearing a piece of the past as homage to ancestors and to their love of beauty.