Bracelet large de jour, argent 950
Bracelet large de jour, argent 950

Bracelet large de jour

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A l’aide d’un mètre ruban, prendre la dimensions de votre poignet.
XS - poignet de 13,5 cm à 15 cm
S - poignet de 15 cm à 16,5 cm
M - poignet de 16,5 cm à 17,5 cm
L - poignet de 17,5 cm à 19 cm
XL - poignet de 19 cm à 21 cm

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argent 950
bracelet, fait à la main à Paris

This is the place where he finds what he’s looking for: an object that originates from elsewhere, rich with history and the promise of a second life. From the flea markets of Saint-Ouen or Vanves, in Brussels or New York, one inevitably comes across old methods of production. This fact enlivens each and every quest for new objects and the pleasure of discovering them is also an opportunity to learn, understand, and to reinvest found objects and their heritage. Daniel and Lili from the Marché Dauphine in the Saint-Ouen Flea Market were the first people to have supplied the workshop drawers with their treasures. 

Question (sur la Quiddité, la Quintessence)

Where do unquestioned forms and shapes come from? How were they made? The desire to create cufflinks started with questioning. Questions should constantly be in one’s thoughts, like a mantra.