Double, Or rose, 12 diamants

Double 12 diamonds

A symbol: that of two people joined forever, made one by the grace of the invisible element that unites them. 

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1 month - Fedex
rose gold 18 carats
12 diamonds
handmade in Paris

Ah, luxury! It’s etymological origin sparks emotion: luxia, luxuria, luxus? Lumière, luxure, luxation? To avoid confusion we should choose to concentrate on Matisse’s vision: two paintings, entitled Luxe I and Luxe II, created in Collioure in 1907. Three female nudes on a beach: the first woman is endowed with full breasts similar to the form of the Archétype model, the second woman holding a colourful floral bouquet, and the third and last woman kneels on a veil before the first nude in a rite of mysterious adoration. These two huge canvases, a pair (!) as Matisse was adept at creating, employ various technics to attain a sense of exultation on the canvas. Here is what luxury speaks to us: an evocation of beauty in plural form. 

Slow wear

Taking one’s time to dress. Embedding oneself in a temporality. Wearing a piece of the past as homage to ancestors and to their love of beauty.