Studs - Archétype de soir, nacre grise et argent

Studs - Evening archetype

Archetype is a nod to the origins of the sew-on button, the kind used to button shirtfronts together. This button is the basis for all Gassmann's creations. The men's models are 11mm in diameter with four holes.

It's upper surface is denoted by either an engraving or a reasonably thick rim which serves to designate the ultimate use of the button.

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grey mother-of-pearl cabochons

Refers to moments in high-society life, as well as the great moments of one’s personal life. It constitutes one of the categories in Samuel Gassmann’s collections alongside négligé, daywear, eveningwear and sport cufflinks. 


Decoration is surprisingly fickle. It can be described as a useless ornament or a temporary adornment as well as an honorary distinction pinned onto a lapel in recognition of personal merit on behalf of the nation. Decoration is both a fruitless activity and minor victory symbol. Samuel Gassmann’s cufflinks (or decorations) like to lay claim to both of these aspects; they veer between the ceremonial and the useless.  

Fonte (à cire perdue)

Lost wax casting is a process used to make the links of the cufflinks. They are taken in brut form from the cast in bronze and silver before being worked on.