Archétypes pour l'apparat - boutons de manchette & studs, nacre, résine époxy noire et argent

Archétypes pour l'apparat - boutons de manchette & studs

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Fedex - 10 jours
cabochons en nacre grise et résine époxy noire
liens en argent
boutons de manchette & studs, faits à la main à Paris
diamètre boutons de manchette 11mm diamètre stucs 8mm

Time remains attached to an object once it is created. Inalienable from eternity, from the symbolic, from transmission, carry this light baggage of timelessness with you at all times. Even better, wear it on your sleeve. 


First start by punching and then move on to sanding. The day is organised around precise exercises, priorities, assembly stages and drying times… Amongst these rituals, one mustn’t forget high tea (le goûter), the aperitif, and the dominical chicken. Ritual allows each moment to be celebrated and for pleasure to be taken in the instant. Respect the elegance of rituals: a rare gift.