Boutons de plastron cercle couleur bleu, nacre franche, résine époxy, argent 925

Tuxedo's studs - Colour(s) circle, blue

Usually colour fades with time... but not here.

TTC270,00 €HT225,00 €
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7 days - Fedex (Economy service : France : 10€ / EU : 15€ / outside EU : 25€)
mother-of-pearl cabochons & epoxy resin
recycled sterling silver links
tuxedo's studs, handmade in Paris
set of 4 studs

Despite being subjected to distortion, elation or glorification, individual stories collectively form history. Old objects are the guardians of stories past. Tracking down their narrative is a pleasure which leads to the act of creation. 


The welding torch that is used to solder the backs of the cufflinks is also used to prepare lobster, whose coral hue has particular significance in Samuel Gassmann’s production. The lobster is, in essence, a member of the family.