Cabochons pour le jour - boutons de manchette & studs, nacre franche & argent

Cabochons pour le jour - boutons de manchette & studs

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Fedex - 7 jours
cabochons en nacre franche
liens en argent
boutons de manchette & studs, faits à la main à Paris
diamètre boutons de manchette 11mm diamètre studs 8mm

The tripe-seller, the crêpe-maker, the beautician, the roofer, the marble mason, the embalmer, pet groomer and the taxidermist are all considered artisans. The jeweller is one too. Within “France’s largest trade” it is often difficult to obtain visibility. 


After using iron-mail (a metal staple that held two parts of a garment together) or never-ending stitches that were sewn and then unpicked each time an item of clothing was worn, rows of button finally appeared in the 14th century closing the arm of a shirt from elbow to cuff. Little by little, the button became an element of distinction (for women of the Court and on Navy and Army uniforms) before becoming a truly elaborate fashion object. The first mother-of-pearl buttons flourish in the 19th century appearing on the front section of Romantic shirts.