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Frequently Asked Questions

How to reach us?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by email at contact(@), by phone at +33 (0)1 77 32 63 27 or by live chat.

Where can I find the entire Samuel Gassmann collection?

You can find our entire collection in our shop at 1, rue Charlemagne in Paris 4th.

Or a selection of our products from our dealers.

Where is Samuel Gassmann jewellery made?

Everything is handmade in Paris in our atelier-boutique located at 1, rue Charlemagne in Paris 4th.

Our raw material comes from Ile de France and Europe (Germany).

What is the average delivery time?

We tend to say that the average delivery time is 5-7 working days. Sometimes it can be faster. We produce each item to order. That's why we need some time to make the piece.

If it is a piece of vermeil jewellery, it takes 14 working days.

And for a Double wedding ring, it takes 2 months between the order and the delivery. These jewels require several interventions between modelling, casting, engraving and sometimes setting, which require a little time to be well done.

As a rule, the delivery time is specified under each product.

Which carrier do you use?

After trying several, we use the Fedex service for France, the European Union and countries outside the European Union.

This requires hand delivery. Please provide us with an address where you or someone you know can receive the package. It is possible to use a business address if it is easier to receive the parcel.

How is Samuel Gassmann jewellery personalised?

For cufflinks, bracelets and rings, the personalisation is done by hammering directly in the workshop. As hammering is not an exact science, the letters/numbers may be more or less spaced out, or slanted. It is the handprint that also gives the object its charm. The cost of personalisation is 20 euros

If you want laser engraving, there will be an additional charge of 20 euros.

For wedding rings, the engraving is done by laser.

Can I return a personalised product?

Personalised jewellery or accessories are neither exchangeable nor refundable.

How do I clean my Samuel Gassmann jewellery?

Our silver jewellery is not treated. By treatment we mean that once polished, it is not re-silvered. When left untreated, the precious metal will develop a patina over time. Silver can also oxidise over time. The colour of your object will therefore change, depending on the acidity of your skin, as it is used, and according to the atmospheric conditions.

This patina is the trace of the passing of time, but if you wish to give your model a "new" appearance, repolish its surface or give it back its original shine, you can use different techniques:
- use a precious metal chamois (soft cloth soaked in a mild product),
- or send us your object for polishing.

Each request for service will be subject to a quotation.

I have a problem with a Samuel Gassmann jewel

if you encounter a problem with your jewel, contact customer service by email at contact(@) or by phone at +33 (0)1 77 32 63 27. we will deal with your request as quickly as possible.