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The workshop

All Samuel Gassmann products are handmade in Paris. The two annual collections of men's accessories (cufflinks, tuxedo's studs , rings, bracelets, bow ties, collar stays, etc.) are produced in Paris. 1, rue Charlemagne (Paris 4th)When it is necessary to call upon other skills for the good of the creation, the craftsmen are all close by: a setter and a founder on rue Richer, an engraver on rue Montmartre, a 3D model maker on rue de la fontaine au roi.

In Samuel Gassmann's workshop, machines and equipment are in full swing, with various tools creating a decor of curves and edges. Files, emery paper, polishing paste, polishing machine, glasses, masks, apron, raw materials, electric sander (otherwise known as a tank)... Not forgetting a first-aid kit for the fingers and backs that are daily at work.

The discreet luxury brand

This is how he envisions each creation he signs. The cufflinks display an unostentatious mother-of-pearl, or any other surface coveted for his creativity, and reserve silver or bronze for the invisible links, hidden by the shirt. The same goes for his other projects: whether he designs a tie, it hides the richness and profusion of its silk (9 folds) under the seam. His bow ties are adorned with a silver clasp that remains hidden from view, under the collar. And if her rings are rich in diamonds, they nestle in the hollow of the ring, only visible when split. It is the idea of a discreet luxury, willingly secret, which belongs only to the one who enjoys it. Far from the logo and the demonstration.

The designer
Samuel Gassmann

Born in 1974 in Paris, France, into an artistic family (father working in photography and mother a painter). After studying art history at the Sorbonne, he realized numerous exhibitions as a curator while developing short subjects for the magazine Metropolis (Arte).

In 2007, he undertook research on the origin of the "smallest element" of men's clothing, the men's shirt button, in order to propose this subject to Arte. Six months later, this research resulted in an object whose shape is similar to that of a cufflink. He continued his research and created his eponymous brand in September 2009. His first researches are the main thread of his collections.

The collection

Over the years, the cufflink collection has been built around iconic models (classics) and novelties, which are pieces linked to a theme developed each year.

Among the classics are the Archetypes and Cabochons, two of Samuel Gassmann's staples. The Archetype goes back to the origin of the pierced shirt button. For men, it is 11 mm in diameter, with 4 holes. Not bigger, not flashier. In mother-of-pearl, to say the least.

The Cabochon is a solid button, not drilled, but observing the same diameters. Its flat surface opens up the possibilities: it can thus be the support of new experiments. The classics welcome letters, colours and numbers.

As for the new themes, games, art and, most recently, the body, define the imagination and are a creative meeting place; an opportunity to design new products, experiment with new techniques and use new materials. They are presented twice a year during the men's fashion week at the Pitti Uomo show in Florence (Italy) and at Tranoi and Première Classe Tuileries in Paris.