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Double - launch at Colette, Paris - February 2015

Discovered while browsing, as he likes to do, this ring quickly arouses Samuel Gassmann's curiosity. The meeting took place. Quickly adopted, it soon inspired him to create a new object, this time dedicated to the celebration of love. Always with the desire to rediscover ancient forms and uses, and to reinitialise them in the light of today's desires.

Round, fine and discreet in appearance, this ring has a secret part: it splits, without ever being untied, and thus represents a lying eight. In other words, the sign of infinity. Two that make one and eternity as a wish; could this not be the definition of love?

So it is decided. Samuel Gassmann will approach this ring, which at the time was called a double, paired or entwined wedding ring, in its symbolic dimension, as an object that expresses the beauty of a shared feeling, but also and above all in its plastic dimension. As an obsessive craftsman, he sees a new creative challenge: to occupy the secret garden of this ring, its internal and intimate space, by engraving it and by coiling one or more stones inside it, becomes possible thanks to a new union: that of cutting-edge technologies and the ancestral know-how of jewellery, which allows a high-precision rendering. This too is a happy marriage.

For the choice of stones, Samuel Gassmann decided to return to the old-fashioned rose-cut diamond for two reasons: its more irregular facets are also purer, thus saluting the nature of the sentiment, and its flat base makes it possible to fit the support of the ring once closed.

Double is the new partner of the ring finger, ready to welcome the made-to-measure love of two people who have chosen each other. If love is in the details, it is also a unique piece: the jewel will be too. At the heart of the ring, the singular vow of the spouses will throb.

Thus, the vein of love, or vena amoris, which would connect the ring finger of the left hand directly to the heart, will be in excellent company. Note that an acceleration of the heart rate of those who wear the wedding ring is to be expected when thinking of all that their jewel contains. But in love, moderation is not an option.

Ring available in 2mm

Materials: Gold, rose gold, white gold, platinum

Exclusively at Colette (213, rue Saint Honoré - Paris 1er)