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Exhibition TROPICO - Roxane Borujerdi

At the invitation of Samuel Gassmann, and in his boutique studio, the artist Roxane Borujerdi presents TROPICO, a set of pieces that borrow from different techniques and a variety of registers: pictorial and ceramic practices carried out at the same time revisit in their own way popular references, the tropical and marine imaginary, decorative principles, and even a ready-made intervention, assuming a cheerful cohabitation. There, pigments mirage a canvas, undulate, initiate a form with the nuances of island birds, in which a motif or a logo may or may not be interfered with. Here, periwinkles and turbot have exchanged their calcareous shells - and given up their mother-of-pearl to cufflinks! - for a glazed terracotta skin, sometimes placed on painted wooden modules: a harmony of elements. New alliances are created, between naturalistic observation, the magic of abstraction, the arbitrariness of the sign, consecrating infinite encounters, on the edge of a colourful shore.

To be discovered at Samuel Gassmann Paris : 1, rue Charlemagne - Paris 4th

Until 30 September 2022