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Entry into the national collections of the Musée des Arts Décoratifs of the set of cufflinks "jeu de 7 familles" - March 2018

The "Jeu de 7 familles" model is a set of 21 pairs of cufflinks created for the 2016 theme on the Game. Initially to be sold at colette Paris in December 2016, the idea of not separating the families was born. It is decided, it will enter the collections of a museum in order to keep the peace of the families !

We are therefore pleased to announce that this model entered the national collections at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs (Paris) in March 2018.

This is the story of this model:

In the Pirates family... I ask for the sister!

This essential card game shares a common feature with the world of buttons: like them, it works in pairs. The collection therefore includes 42 pieces, or 21 pairs, divided into 7 families, around 3 generations. Each age has its own relationship with time and its favourite material.

Following the principle of the archetype, brother and sister, at the beginning of their existence, are characterised by a troca base; father and mother, in the daytime, are adorned with white mother-of-pearl and grandfather and grandmother, in the evening of their lives, are made of grey mother-of-pearl. The Black family is made up of black mina.

Each one has its distinctive sign, its temperament dipped in coloured enamel. A detail, a recurring motif, signals a sense of belonging: a cap for the pirates, a helmet for the Gauls, a red nose for the clowns, headphones for the 2.0s...

All the members of this micro-society have the same glass teddy bear eyes, found by Samuel Gassmann: their childish and curious look makes them already familiar.