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Les Ateliers de Paris invite themselves to Batignolles, autumn 2015

The Ateliers de Paris play a central role in the revival of the art, fashion and design professions in the Paris region. They support the development of young creative companies and house business incubators dedicated to innovation in design-related fields as diverse as textiles, furniture and jewellery. It is in these workshops - which are also intended to support young creative people in management and marketing - that the well-being of tomorrow is developed, that the creators of companies forge their resolve and arm themselves for lasting success.

At the crossroads of innovation, culture and economic influence, this exhibition showcases 40 original young talents who illustrate the vitality of Parisian creation and its ethic of excellence. - —

Text by Lucien Maillard

Discover a selection of Samuel Gassmann's work from 18 September to 31 October 2015 at the Mairie du 17ème arrondissement.